About Us

Proto Ltd. was founded in 1990 in the town of Haskovo, as a small family firm for knitting of knitwear fabrics.

In 2003, the activities expanded, opening a facility for dyeing and finish processing, gradually the production of printed and finished knitted fabrics reaches 100 t/month. With its development Proto Ltd became one of the largest manufacturers of knitted fabrics in Bulgaria, in 2007 in the city of Yambol it opened completely new modernized facilities for finishing of knitwear production with capacity exceeding 15 t/day. Highly qualified production staff with long years of traditions in the production of fabrics operates in the company.

At present the company has modern manufacturing equipment with integrated systems for quality control at all levels of production. The production cycle is completed. The company markets knitting, dyeing and finishing, confectioning , ready fabrics and clothing made under all modern European technological and environmental standards.

The main objective of Proto Ltd is to offer its current and prospective partners modern quality knitted fabrics and products that meet the needs and requirements of customers.

Innovation activity is the main task of management that invests in the expansion of production facilities and modernization of all processes. These objectives are set annually in the business plans of the company and are associated with the introduction of new equipment at each level and qualification of personnel.

Proto Ltd. is open to cooperation with international suppliers and customers. The company demonstrated its achievements by participating in regional and international forums and fairs. Stands of the company were present at textile exhibitions in Bucharest, Belgrade, Istanbul and Sofia.