Dying & Finishing

The facilities of the company for dyeing and finishing are located on 4300 sq.m. of covered area in the town of Yambol. The machinery and equipment are completely new:

  • New dyeing machines - BRAZZOLLI, TIIS and others
  • Span - frames - Babcock, Bruckner
  • Compacting Sanfor tubular and open width
  • Machines for carding and shearing clippers
  • Machine for transfer paper printing
  • Rotary print STORC

Modern laboratory with professional chemists and technicians, controlling all parameters of fabrics. Opportunity for development of all range of colors, Pantone standards TP, TC, TPX

We offer a variety of finishing processes including:

  • Processing with nano-softeners
  • Processing for Flameproof
  • Antibacterial treatment
  • UV Protection
  • Bio-polishing
  • Others

Collaboration with world leading producers and suppliers of dyes and chemicals from Switzerland, Italy, England and others, ensures safety and quality of the produced fabrics. The company defends annually the Oeko-Tex 100 Certificate in "Hohenstein - textile testing institute" Germany.