PROTO Ltd. was established in 1990. For 30 years we have been developing and producing high quality knitted fabrics for leading European manufacturers of ready-made clothing and home textiles.

Our production cycle includes development, knitting, dyeing, finishing, stamping, brushing, sanding, sanforizing.

Our finished fabrics have a compound of: cotton, viscose, modal, micromodal, polyester, wool, elastane and blends.

Along with the conventional items produced by us, we also offer innovative functional fabrics developed by our highly qualified engineering team - elastomeric, hydrophobic, quick-drying, flame retardant, antibacterial, anti-insecticide products, fully created and tailored to specific customer requirements.

To achieve color accuracy and precision we use the spectrophotometric system of DATACOLOR at the initial stage of color development on the pantone TPX and TCX. We use the spectrophotometric measurement of each batch to ensure reproducibility between the individual batches in longer production series.

In knitting we rely on equipment from round knitting machines of the well-known in the industry MAYER, TERROT, ORIZIO and PILOTELLI. In addition to the standard single and double-knitted fabrics, designed for clothes, we also have multi-layered fabrics used in the production of mattresses and home textiles.

Our high temperature dyeing machines are BRAZZOLI, THIES, DILMINLER. We have recently introduced a new, fully automated dye kitchen.

The finishing treatments in the dry finishing sector are carried out with BRUCKNER stenters . This is also the most colorful stage of our production, because here we perform transfer printing from paper on polyester fabrics. Here we'r also  seeing the final product of our digital printing with reactive dyes, which we develop according to the customer's designs on a cotton or wool base.

To ensure the safety of all dyes and materials we use, in accordance with all the requirements of the European Union, we are ECO TEX certified.

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